The Middle East is one of nine continents. It consists of the Arabian Peninsula and the areas below the Black Sea. The continent borders Asia to the north and east, Europe to the north-east and Africa to the west.

There are 16 countries in the Middle East.

Countries in the Middle EastEdit

Country Population Size Density
Flag of Oman.svg Al-Dhubi 6,714,422
Alexandrettaflag Alexandretta 1,721,221
Arabiaflag Arabia 24,128,830
Byzantiumflag Byzantium 82,129,430
Caspiaflag Caspia 39,622,116
Homsflag Homs 1,982,152
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Hormuz 16,133,238
Jordanflag Jordan 21,832,124
Latakiaflag Latakia 2,109,572
Mesopotamiaflag Mesopotamia 44,942,522
Persiaflag Persia 47,621,922
Qaraiflag Qarai 76,112,442
Sabaflag Saba 23,100,025
Sinaiflag Sinai 1,358,512
Socotraflag Socotra 45,117
Trebizondflag Trebizond 8,219,015